Monday, October 27, 2008

The Best Stories of Tales from the Crypt (Season 1)

I've been a fan of these old school horror series. I've already watched almost all of its episodes. I'm an avid fan of "The Crypt Keeper" from the voice of John Kassir.Each episodes is unique. But always begin with a tracking shot leading to the front door of the Cryptkeeper's decrepit mansion.Once inside, the camera pans down hallways and stairways, and finally descends into the basement. The show's host, the Crypt Keeper, then pops out from his coffin, cackling wildly.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Legend of Halloween

Since Halloween is coming, let us wonder where it came from. We enjoy having Halloween parties and stuffs but we really don't know if how did it start. Let me tell you its brief history: Halloween is based on an ancient holiday "All Hallows Eve". It was the day of the year where dead spirits were allowed to walk on earth. It all starts way back to the ancient Celts. They lived in a British Isles during ancient times. The last day of the year on the old pagan calendar, October 31st served triple purpose: bidding goodbye to summer, welcoming winter and remembering the dead. They called this day "Samhain". According to their legend, Samhain controlled the spirits of the dead and could allow them to rest fully or make them go wild in the middle of the night. They also believed that on the night of October 31st ghosts come out of their tombs. The spirit of the dead returned! In order to avoid that thing they made big fires to frighten away the spirits of evil and dead. They dressed in costumes like witches, ghosts, skeletons to frighten the evil spirits.

Since then it became a tradition, a harvest festival. The colors of Halloween are orange and black. They represent the harvest (orange) and death (black)

Christian rites substituted pagan rites. For the Christians, the first day of November was the day of All Saints. It was called All Allows Day (the day of All Saints). The evening of October 31st was All Allows Eve. This was shortened to Halloween. The druid religion went on for a long time in Ireland and Scotland. Halloween continued to be important in both places. And it became a tradition all over the world.